Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kayak & Olympic Canoe Slalom Tickets

A kayak is a little relatively thin, person motorized boat first and foremost intended to be physically thrust by way of a double blade propel. The customary kayak has an enclosed knock down and one or more arena each one places one paddler. 

Their arena is from time to time enclosed by a scatter deck that put off the entry of water from influence or sprays and makes it probable for extremely skilled and specially taught kayakers to revolve the kayak that is, to capsize and right it without it filling with water or ejecting the paddler. In modern kayaks, such recovery methods have been replaced by a preventive approach based on increasing the kayak's stability, and by that plummet the probability of its overturn. 
A lot of up to date kayaks have customized the conventional propose in various ways, such as: eliminating the arena by spaces the paddler on top of the boat sit-on-top kayaks encompass overblown air assembly room immediate the boat put back the single hull by double hulls and replace paddles with other human powered forward motion methods such as foot motorized rotational flippers and propellers. Kayaks are additionally being sailed as well as boosted by means of small emotional motors and even by outboard gas engines when feasible.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Spray Deck & Canoe Slalom

A spray deck or spray cover is a supple cover for a boat, in exacting for a canoe or kayak. 

It is applied in fast-moving water stormy climate or sport to avoid water from the inside of the boat while consent to one or more person along for the ride to sit in the boat and force the boat by the rowing.

A spray deck has an opening for each person along for the ride. Each opening similarly is surrounded by a line or stretchy string running in an empty closure on the edge of the hole. These construct it probable to make tighter the spray deck around the body of the travelers.

A spray deck is a piece made out of water-tight material like rubberized or saturate cloth dimension to fit over the aperture or fight arena, of the canoe or kayak.
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Monday, 16 January 2012

Canoeing at the Summer Olympics

Canoeing and kayaking has been characteristic as a contest sport in the Summer Olympic Games from the 1936 Games in Berlin even though it was a turn of phrase sport at the 1924 Games in Paris. 
There are two categories of the canoeing in Summer Olympic events which are the sprint and slalom. In these sport two techniques of boats are second-hand canoes with 1 or 2 canoes and kayaks with 1, 2 or 4 kayakers. This is show the way to the name description of each event. For instance C1 is a canoe singles event and K2 is a kayak twice event. 
Races are usually 500m or 1000m of the distance even though from 1936 to 1956there was also 10 km events. It was announced by the International Canoe Federation that the men's 500 m events would be changed at the 2012 Summer Olympics by 200 m events with one of them individual K1 200 m for the women On 13 August 2009. The other events for men at 200 m will be C1, C2, and K-1. On 5 December 2009 this was long-established at their 2009 Board of Directors meeting in Windsor, Berkshire, Great Britain.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

ICF Canoe Slalom World Championship

The ICF Canoe Slalom World Championship is a worldwide occasion in canoeing prearranged by the International Canoe Federation. 

The World Championships have in use place every year in non-Summer Olympic years because 2002. As of 1949 to 1999 they have in use place in odd-numbered years. Prior to November 2008 canoe slalom was recognized as fast-moving water slalom.
Men race in C-1 (single boat Canadian), C-2 (canoe double Men’s) and K-1 (single boat kayaks) have both separately and in teams. Women race in K-1s both alone and in teams. Establishment at the 2010 championships women raced in C-1 on the personality level. A team event was planned for those events but call off to climate circumstances.

Host countries:
Czech Republic
Deep Creek Lake, Maryland
United States
Great Britain

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

ICF Canoe Slalom World Cup

International Canoe Federation organized the Canoe Slalom World Cup has been started playing from 1988 in four canoe and kayak rules for men and women. 

The 4 original rules are C1 (men's single canoe), C2 (men's double canoe), K1 (men's single kayak) and K1 (women's single kayak). A canoe discipline C1 (women's single) has been supplementary to the world cup in 2010. The world cup is a sequence of person events more often than not taking place during the summer months of July and August.
 The sportsperson that build up the maximum number of score from all world cup races in the given rules becomes the in general world cup title holder. The scoring arrangement as well as the number of world cup races has distorted manifold times over the years. At present the champions of a world cup race gets 60 scores. The points for lower location vary by rules. The 4 world cup events have taken place in 2011. The World Cup Final has an extraordinary status as a tie-breaker. The boat with an improved consequence in the World Cup Final will be position elevated in casing of a tie with another sportsperson.
Canoe World Cup Title Holder
C1 (men)
C1 (women)
C2 (men)
K1 (men)
K1 (women)
  Jon Lugbill (USA) 

Lecky Haller/Jamie McEwan (USA)

 Richard Fox (GBR)

 Dana Chladek (USA)

 Matej Benus(SVK)

  Cen Nanqin (CHN)

Ladislav Skantar/Peter Skantar (SVK)

Daniele Molmenti (ITA)

Jana Dukatova (SVK)

Stanislav Jezek (CZE)

Rosalyn Lawrence (AUS)

Pavol Hochschorner/Peter Hochschorner (SVK)

Peter Kauzer (SLO)

 Jana Dukatova (SVK)

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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Canoe Slalom Treks

Some lessons are scientific enclose a lot of rocks. Further are on making longer surround less rocks and superior holes and waves. In 1972 Slalom canoeing made an Olympic event in Augsburg (W. Germany). It was seen once more as part of the Barcelona in 1992 games in (Seu d'Urgell). In view of the fact that slalom paddling has been a regular event in the Olympics.

Events of Olympic Slalom canoeing:

Year City Country
1972 Augsburg West Germany
1992 La Seu d'Urgell Spain
1996 Ocoee River USA
2000 Penrith Australia
2004 Athens Greece
2008 Shunyi China
2012 Lee Valley England
2016 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
The 1972 Olympics in Augsburg were under arrest on a manmade fast-moving water track. The Augsburg Eiskanal set the phase for the upcoming events of manmade fast-moving water track. In 1996 with the trend are to omission of the changed river divan of the Ocoee River. Every Olympic venue has been a man-made concrete channel. 
From the late 80s manmade fast-moving water track has rush forward now most countries that field Olympic slalom teams have more than one artificial course to instructed. Artificial river formation has developed and up-to-the-minute path have less problems than the sum of the first designs. Artificial rivers prohibited environment that recommend a more dependable field of play for slalom canoe and improved performance for viewers. But Natural River paths are at rest makes use of in much national and international slalom canoe all over the globe. Buy and Sell Olympic Canoe Slalom Tickets at Sport Ticket Exchange.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rules for Canoe Slalom boats

Boat intends series is slightly restricted year to year. Designs have a propensity to meeting point on condition that most favorable presentation for the forthcoming significant race. Years of Olympic have a propensity to produce dinghy designs with detailed presentation distinctiveness tuned for the future Olympic events.

Rules for Slalom boats 2005

Category minimum width (m) Minimum length (m)
K1 0.6 3.5
C1 0.65 3.5
C2 0.75 4.10


Category Minimum weight (kg)
K1 9
C1 10
C2 15


Category Minimum radius horizontally (cm) Minimum radius vertically(cm)
All 2 2

Rudders are not allowed on all boats
Boats should be meet all these criteria
Kayaks boats are decorated and must be thrashed by double bladed paddles.
Canadian boats are ornamented and must be thrashed by single bladed paddles which the contestant kneel.
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Monday, 2 January 2012

Canoe Slalom Boat History

Boats were completed of weighty nylon and fiberglass In the 1960s and early 1970s. The boats were high volume and mull over over 30 kilos.

 In the near the beginning 1970s Kevlar was utilized fore producing the lighter boats in addition to the volume of the boats was also condensed roughly every year as new blueprint were finished. A smallest amount boat weight was commenced to make equal opposition when wonderful low weight supplies started using to consequence race results. 

The I.C.F also condensed the size of the boats in the 1970s. The gats were hanging about 10 cm on top of the water. When racers started construction of the subordinate size boats to slink underside gates the gates were move up in comeback to uncertainties that new boat would be of such low volume as to generate a danger to the paddler. Their small size sterns agree to the boat to slice from side to side the water in a pivot. Typically, new racing boats cost between $1,200 and £650 onwards for the low price building in fiberglass. Material like fiberglass cloth, Kevlar, and carbon fiber was used to building the boats by polyester resin to grip the coating jointly. 
 Bubble sandwich building in among layers of carbon or Armed is one more method in utilize to amplify the rigidity of slalom boats. At the present time the smallest length of the boats were condensed from four meters down to the 3.5 meters reason a flood of innovative and faster boat intended which are proficient to find the way route with more rapidity and accurately. The shorter distance end to end also allows for easier course-plotting and less boat harm in the smaller artificial river divan that are common in present best contest. Olympic Canoe Slalom Tickets From Sport Ticket Exchange.

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